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What do you string a Stradivarius with?

Or any other expensive violin.

I was reading an article about the musician who fell down the stairs and smashed his $1 mil violin, which made me wonder what you string such expensive violins with.

What do you string a Stradivarius with?headache

Yes, I read the same article the other night. Makes you wonder what a flimsy sort of case he was using at the time ? Yes, it was in a case.

I was trying to find out about the strings the other day but I could not find too much information

Anne Sophie Mutter owns two Strads and here she appears to be endorsing Dominants.

I do know that some other violinists who have very expensive instruments (Stradivarius and Guarnerius ) use Dominants.

Hilary Hahn uses Dominants on her Viullaume violin...except for the E string, of course.

I would have thought there would be more information about this subject, especially forn the string maufactureres them selves eg "Itzhak Perlman uses our brand of strings etc. "

Most of these old violins have had their necks replaced so that they can be strung with higher tension steel strings.

PS Found it

The list shows that many of them use Dominants : Vengerov, Perlman, Shaham,Midori, Zukerman. ; they usually replace the E string with something better.

And this list shows that many of them either play Strads or a Guarneri (del Gesu)

What do you string a Stradivarius with?paramount theater opera theater

Violin strings of your choosing. And don't fall. And have a good, protective case.

Music camp help???

i play violin pretty well and my violin teacher told me i have to go to camp this summer and i havent decided what camp i want to go to. im in the 8th grade and have been playing violin for about 4 or 5 years i love it and am very dedicated id like to go to camp for at the least 2weeks and if you have any sugestions that would be great thanx :)

Music camp help???plays

chose the camp that none of your friends might be (if they are going) go to the camp that is joining your enemy(if you have any) so that you'll challenge each other and you come out on top

Music camp help???opera ticket opera theater

ask your violin teacher what camps are there and see which one has the best reputation.
RAM- Royal Acdemy Of Music, London.

What's that one classical song that's with strings and starts quiet and slowly grows loude

It starts out quiet with one violin, and slowly grows to add one more violin, then another, and grows louder. Or at least I think its violins -- could be some other type of strings. It kind of builds on layers in the starting. Its really pretty and fairly wide known. You'd probably find it on any classical radio station. I have no idea who the composer is or anything. I just can't for the life of me figure out what the song is. Can someone help?

What's that one classical song that's with strings and starts quiet and slowly grows louder?ms stress

I bet you're thinking of Pachelbel's Canon in D. If it is, you're right; it's very well known and you'll be able to find a recording with ease. If you can't find a recording, I can hook you up.

What's that one classical song that's with strings and starts quiet and slowly grows louder?home theater system opera theater

Must be Ravel's "Bolero" you are refering to. Became popular when it was featured in the movie "10" starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.
The Blue Danube by Strauss? It's a waltz.
Its called Ravell's Bollero

Should I sell or should I keep my instruments?

Should I sell my violin and guitar?

I used to play all my instruments nearly every day. I play 7 instruments and lately I just don't have the time to play them or take care of them. It's not that I don't have the time to play, when I have the time to play I just never want to play. I'd rather listen to music or just lay down and take a breather. I'll never sell my piano--even though I don't play it like I used to, I just love having that one around. I already sold my clarinet--at first I could have cared less and was all "yay I got $700!" Now I miss my clarinet and wish I never would have sold it. (Then again, I played it for 10 years so of course I'd miss it. Like the piano, I've played it now for 17 years.)

I want to sell my guitar and violin. But I'm not sure if I should. I've only had my violin for just about a year now and the guitar for 2. As much as I want to learn to play them I just can't find the time. I don't want them to sit around and collect dust.

Should I sell or should I keep my instruments?binoculars

Keep them. You will regret it later.

I was a music major in college. After graduating I wanted nothing to do with music and I put my clarinet away! After 4-5 years of not playing I thought it would be fun to play in a community group and played in a couple. I would have regretted selling it. You'll never know where you will be a few years from now.

Also, each instrument is an individual and cannot be replaced. I love playing on my clarinet and have a hard time playing other clarinets because of those differences.

Should I sell or should I keep my instruments?violin opera theater

I'd say hang on to them. Even if you don't play them that often, you've already absorbed the cost of buying them. Playing from time to time is better than getting the immediate cash but then just spending it on something else. At least right now you have something tangible to show for your hard earned cash.
believe me,nobody can tell you but yourself
You should not sell them, I would keep them and see if you have any family members that would like to learn to play these. If that's not the idea you had, sell the guitar, what kind of guitar is it? Maybe I'd like to buy it. I still would sell the violin, it's good money. Put it into guitar lessons.


Does anyone have a good solo suggestion?

Hi, I've been a violin student for 8 years going into my 9th and I need a good solo violin piece with an orchestra accompanyment. I have a good amount of time to work on the piece because the concert is in May. But I need to start right away to get it polished. My level I think is pretty high, I sit fourth chair in first violins of my middle school's advance orchestra. I've also made region orchestra before. I need a good piece that will sound great and some people say that I would do good with a romantic period piece but any suggestions you have I will consider. Please, I need suggestions.

Does anyone have a good solo suggestion?performing arts center

I highly doubt he or his orchestra could handle the Sibelius Concerto....

If I were you I would search websites like , and for Violin Concertos. Many of them you can look through atleast the first page and then assess whether or not you would be able to play it. Also will allow you to hear a concerto you are interested in, so that would be my advise.

Does anyone have a good solo suggestion?sunshine opera theaterCool good luck and have fun with it. Report It

maybe one of the Seitz concertos ... they are considered student concertos and there are 5 of them (hint the 1st one is the easiest)
1.okay, I know it has been done to death but Meditation from Thais by Massenet is VERY popular. Remember that many members of the audience may not have ever heard it before and many others would not have heard it played live.

2.also, any of the first or third movements from the great violin concertos

3.Zigeunerweisen/Gypsy Airs by Sarasate

That is a few suggestions
something by vivladi, i;m in orchestra too, 2nd violin but the leader does this massive solo during the whole 3 movements...and his solos (without anyone else playing) go for like 5-10 minutes

on the sheet music it doesn't have the exact opus and everything but it is by vivaldi and it;s in 3 sounds kinda rustic
Sibelius Violin Concerto?

Could some one help me with the spanish translation of this sentence?

well i wasn't sure about the translation of " I stopped playing the violin"

would it be

yo pare el tocar del violin


yo pare tocando el violin

please don't bother with the online translator i already tried it

Could some one help me with the spanish translation of this sentence?opera score

Yo dej茅 de tocar el viol铆n. Is alot better than Yo par茅 de tocar el viol铆n.

Could some one help me with the spanish translation of this sentence?musicals opera theater

Another vote for....

Yo dej茅 de tocar el viol铆n.

Ya no toco al violin.
You should write- yo dej茅 de tocar el viol铆n.
Even though the literal translation would be

Yo par茅 de tocar el viol铆n.

That is not the way to say it.

You should say: Yo dej茅 de tocar el viol铆n. (with an accent)
Tocando (I'm pretty sure) becaure tocar is the infinitive, meaning "to... whatever." And yes, online translators do nothing for grammar. (But it might work if you word it differently.) Is this multiple choice? If it's not, it might not be either of those...
yo pare DE tocar el violin

parar DE

is to stop doing something

parar in that context is usually accompanied with the preposition de

trust me i am 100% sure + i'm a natvie spanish speaker

He i worrying me so should i be worried or is it just somthing that isnt a big deal plz help?

today alex (my freind/crush) was flirting with me in the halls a little bit (oh and alex knows that i like him he has known since thursday (oct 25) and today i told him during orchestra (we arnt stand partners anymore but the stand that he is in is next to the stand that i am in and so we can still talk to each other) that almost evryone in the seventh grade knows who i like and that mikenze said the name of the person who i like out loud during sceince class and he asked if it is the same person (as in him) and i said yes and he sorta smiled a little bit. and i overheard him and one of his freinds talking and his freind was telling him to tell the girl he likes that he (he as in alex) likes her and alex said "what if she doesnt like me back" and stuff like that. (i also told him that i hardly lie and if i do lie it will most likely be about who i like. today (november 2) him and i didnt talk at all except for during orchestra when i was practacing a song i played a g sharp and he walked up behind me and said "its a g natrual" as in i made a mistake in my playing. then a little later during orcehstra after he got his violin and unpacked it he came up to me and gave me a high five for no reason. and also today i cought him staring at me a little bit during orchestra and then in the hallway right after 6th hour (period whatever u want to call it). and i heard him make alot of mistakes in his playing (violin) wich i have never even heard him make a total of 10 mistakes before even with new music it seemes like he is destracted should i ask him about it or just ignore it but i think that i am breaking up our friendship and i think i shouldnt of told him that i like him. today his freind (him and one of his other freinds are stand partners) had to say his name 5 times to get his attention and usually it is really easy to get alex's attention unless he is talking to me (he hates it when somone interups him and i talking but doesnt seem to mind if somone interups when him and somone other than me are talking) even when he is practicing his violin it is easy to get his attention i am sorta worried about him he has seemed depressed for the last cuple of days.

He i worrying me so should i be worried or is it just somthing that isnt a big deal plz help?greek theater

You may want to shorten this up a little bit. People will have a lot of difficulty trying to keep up with this.

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